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I have read this blog by Matt Smith. It is a well written work, especially he recommended a book, a resource book on learning theories and strategies. A big Thankyou to Matt.


The contribution to Distance and Open Learning made by China’s OUs?

Some colleague at today’s faculty meeting claims that synchronous BBS discussion with a cohort of adult learners could be considered as the very special contribution to Distance and Open learning made by the Open Universities in China. China’s OUs lead  the world in there. Well, of course, this claim was made in Chinese language, for few professors in China’s OUs could use English in their academic activities.

True? Perhaps. As far as my knowledge concerns, the Indonesian open university adopts the synchronous BBS discussion format and made innovation in pinning the important thread on the top.  I wonder if the other OUs in other countries adopt BBS forum format in teaching and organise discussions at a given date and time, say 19:00-20:00 in the evening.

A wall is there and the big gap in accessing relevant academic books and journal papers in English, though now it is the digital era with the Internet.